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Department of Nursing

About Us

The Department of Nursing, Chung Shan Medical University was established in 1965 with three academic programs: BSN program, and MSN program and master program of long-term care. Current enrollment of the department is more than 500 students in 2021. The department has 17 full-time faculty members, most of them pose academic doctoral degrees, and alone with 13 clinical instructors for students’ internships. The department’s faculty includes diverse professionals with expertise in clinical practices, nursing research, and nursing education, and provides our students an environment for ideal nursing education. Other than our major university hospital, the Chung Shan Medical University Hospital, our students would be able to earn their internships for clinical practices in many prestige hospitals around this island, including Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Changhua Christian Hospital, Jen-Ai Hospital at Dali, Taichung City Public Health Bureau, and MOHW’s Tsaotun Psychiatric Center. Selected students are also qualified for a summer internship in Garfield Medical Center in the States every other year.



All our educational goals center on the word “HEALTH.” We hope to educate our students to be mature and practical experts in nursing, who can then provide healthcare service to others. Our curricula are designed cored on several issues leading our undergraduates to study, including “Healthy People” “Health and Its Needs” “Health and Diseases” and “Health in the Family and the Community”. For graduate students, we encourage them to further explore “Advanced Integral Health Care” to enhance their capability to be competent nurses.
The Department of Nursing is devoted to fulfilling the University’s motto of “Be honest, charitable, expert, and industrious.” We aim to prepare our students to be knowledgeable, skillful nursing professionals to practice at either entry-level or advanced-level in clinical practice. We promote the adoption of multiple approaches for teaching and research, including the PBL (problem-based learning) and the use of experiential learning, film analysis, group discussion, personal interview, and site visit. Our curricula place equal emphasis on theory and practice, make full use of on-line and audio-visual resources, and help cultivate the spirit of lifelong learning.



We have built up a worldwide network of partner schools abroad for our faculty and students, including University of Alabama at Birmingham and University of Maryland at Baltimore both in the States, Mejiro University in Japan, Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore, University of Pardubice in the Czech Republic, Mae Fah Luang University in Thailand, and Wenzhou Medical University and Jilin University in China. In the past few years, we collaborate with the Office of International Affairs to support both faculty exchange and student exchange programs. We encourage and support our students to participate our regular exchanging activities with partner institutions to broaden their knowledge and experience meet the future challenges.


Faculty profile

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A variety of research projects are currently taken in this department ranging from adult nursing, women health, sexuality, chronic disease & long term care, cancer research, nursing education and many others. Individual research interest of each faculty members should be able to find on their profiles.